The presence of developed brands has increased on Instagram. If you want your business to grow, your business should be on the platform. Below you will find information about the useful role of Instagram advertising on business and some statistics according to

Why being On Instagram Is an Advantage?

Instagram has over one billion active monthly users and 500 million daily stories. Only in the U.S., there are 130 million Instagram users.

Instagram is the second most accessed network after Facebook. 53 minutes per day is the average of users’ browsing.

90 percent of users follow at least one business page. 83 percent of users say that they discovered new brands via Instagram.

Start Introducing Your Product

80 percent of users have made a purchase based on something they had seen on the platform. So, if you want to grow a business, let’s advertise it via Instagram.

When you create an account, you can log in with Facebook or sign up by phone or email. Make sure you sign up with a business email, and your Instagram profile is not linked with your personal Facebook account.

Pick a username that can be found easily. Try to keep your business name in your username. Create an image for the profile, make it visually understandable. There is also an opportunity for having a bio (150 maximum characters ), you can describe your business there. Traffic can be driven to an external site by putting the URL in bio.


Switch Professional Account - It will allow you to identify your profile as a business one. Your business must have a Facebook business page to switch to an Instagram business profile.

We advise you to keep your profile public because it will promote your business. Sometimes people do not try to follow a page when they do not see the main content of it. So, make it public that everyone can see and decide to follow or not.