Jack Massey, known as JackSucksAtLife is an English reactor and gaming YouTuber. Currently, he lives in Nottinghamshire. He has different channels, including JackSucksAtStuff, Jack Massey Welsh, JackSucksAtGeography, etc. Accordingly, now he has 12 channels. MrBeast made a channel and named it Don’t Subscribe and he gives Jack 10 cents every time the channel gets subscribers. Jack does not have access to the channel. Some of his channels are joke channels and now his main channel has 1,630,000 subscribers.

Jack’s second channel named JackSucksAtStuff includes Minecraft content. He posts videos on this channel about 3 times a week. It is interesting to know that he has a channel named Jack Massey Welsh where he posts videos about Tesla Model 3. Jack’s girlfriend has her role in this channel. She takes part in the editing process and also videos. Due to this channel, Jack has earned the FirstCar Young Influencer award of the year.

On March 27, Jack tweeted that his most recent Reddit video had got to 20K likes and that he had made the channel 'JackSucksAtGeography'. He will be posting weekly Geoguessr content there, which his fans keep forcing him to do, and other geography-related games, but the view-count on the new channel was soon competing with the main channel. However, a few months went by and in June all the videos got less than 80k views in a few weeks and has told his fans if he doesn't get enough views he may stop uploading on JackSucksAtGeography. He sometimes posts videos on this channel.

Turd Boi420 was only made so Jack could get another Silver Play Button. He made a video on his main channel to get turd boi420 more subscribers. As a direct result of a video uploaded on JackSucksAtStuff, turd boi420 was able to achieve 100,000 subscribers in less than a day. The turd boi420 channel has been active for about 1 month. Jack has been trying his best to upload videos every day to collect his well-deserved play button.

On June 19th 2020, Jack made JackSucksAtPopUpPirate because his fans hit the like goal of a video to make the channel, and he made the video with the video.[6] It has hit 170,000 subscribers. However, there is a fan-made version of JackSucksAtPopUpPirate which is separate from the official version. Jack says he will upload on this channel every hundred thousand subscribers the channel gets.

JacksEpicYoutubeChannel FullOfFunTimesAndFunHiRickX channel was created because he wants to hold a Guinness world record of having the most play buttons owned by an individual. The record states he needs eight youtube channels with over 100,000 subscribers each. So Jack made this channel in hopes he can get a Guinness world record.

Jack uploads every day of the week. He tries to keep updated with his 2 dogs, Flossy and Kong, and his girlfriend Becky via Twitter, Instagram and frequently mentions them in videos. He has stated that Flossy is deaf and one of her eyes is not working properly.