As the founder of Succ Motivation Institute and an author of numerous books Paul J. Mayer said, “Communication - the human connection - is the key to personal and career success’’. We cannot live without communication, it is the base of most things in our lives. We cannot imagine education, economics, industries, marketing, and other such kinds of things without communication. Sometimes success is connected with the way we communicate. The employers pay attention to the person’s communication skills and even make decisions based on them. So, let’s understand the keys to effective communication.

Take Time Before Speaking

You should be confident that what you are saying is right. Sometimes your innocent lie can cause problems for your company or you can fail because of it.

“A person’s style of speaking offers clues to their underlying ability to listen deeply. During moments of genuine connection, what we say will be responsive to what the other feels, says, and does. When we are poorly connected, however, our communications become verbal bullets: our message does not change to fit the other person’s state but simply reflects our own. Listening makes the difference. Talking at a person rather than listening to him reduces a conversation to a monologue.” Daniel Goleman

Pay Attention To Your Non-Verbal Communication

Non-Verbal communication is more important than words, they speak even louder. It includes body language, facial expressions, clothes, and even behavior which is also communication. If your non-verbal communication is not appropriate people may not listen to you and do not understand the main message. Non-verbal communication depends on the environment and place. For instance, the gestures which you use with your friends will not be appropriate to use during the job interview. You should be frank during the conversations but also know your limits depending on the environment.

Let’s Overcome Shyness

During the communication pay attention to small details and do not speak immediately about the point. The details make a relationship between people. Many people know why they are shy but they do not try to solve the problem. Some people who do not like something in their look become shy. However, the problems could be solved, they can change their look and get rid of their complexes. Some people also think that they need plastic surgery to get rid of complexes, so why not? Some books teach how to overcome shyness. So, try to communicate, the problem could be solved if you speak with others, even when there is no topic to speak about you can create one and that can be the start of the relationship.