British statesman and writer Winston Churchill said, “Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts’’. Most people connect their achievements with their fate. Some people always think that their fate is not successful, that is why they always fail. The reality is different and people make their life not successful. It is easy to blame others or fate but it is difficult to understand that you are the owner of your both success and failures. Do you want to become successful?

Set Concrete Goals

You should understand what you want. To set your actions you should know your main goal. Asking yourself  “What do I want to achieve in my future career?’’ will help you. Decide whatever you want, because doing things which you do not love will not make you happy and even successful. Your major goal can consist of some goals which you can make a reality. Make sure your goals motivate you, the motivation is one part of success. Ask yourself, "If I were to share my goal with others, what would I tell them to convince them it was a worthwhile goal?" We advise you to write down your goals. You will never forget about it if you have its visual image in front of you. The best places to hang the paper are the fridge and the monitor of the laptop or on the wall which is always in front of your eyes. Use “will’’ instead of “would like’’. For example, instead of saying “I would like to read a book’’ say “I will read a book’’. Remember that your motivation changes everything.

Learn To Say No

Some people say yes without thinking. If you’re a yes person, you’re probably agreeing to take on way too many projects and commitments. Or you’re the type of person who agrees readily to things and then flakes out at the last minute. Sometimes saying yes can be bad for you and your work can be failed because you are busy with other staff. So, initially, think about your work, you will understand if you can help others or not. When somebody asks you for help, look at your to-do list, understand your schedule then make decisions.

Learn From Your Mistakes

Lots of people who fail do not admit their mistakes, they even blame the circumstances. People who do not blame themselves for their failure cannot achieve goals. If you cannot succeed it means you do something wrong or your competitor does something better than you. You cannot blame your competitor for your failures, because s/he does his/her best to achieve goals. Understand what breaks you down and solve the problem. Organize your time appropriately. Rest after you finish your daily work and do not put off for tomorrow what you can do today.