The activities and efforts of individuals to produce and sell goods and services for profit is business. The history of business comes from the beginning of humanity and it will be with us forever. Life is a struggle and people struggle for their lives, the same is with business. Most of the businesses have competitors and they struggle to survive and prosper next to their competitors. There are some important points which you should know if you want to start and grow a business.

Competition should have a positive impact on your business

Starting a business is risky because you are not alone and you have competitors. Accordingly, every detail is important in your business, even a minor detail can fail your path to success. Do not be discouraged but be prepared for the competition. It can improve your business, too. Now read this fantastic quote from Bill Gates and get ready for your competition.

“Whether it’s Google or Apple or free software we’ve got some fantastic competitors and it keeps us on our toes”.

Your customers will not come immediately

The most important way of promoting a business idea is advertising. People will know about your product or service through marketing. Sometimes advertising is more important than the product. So, the way you show people your product, service is the key to your successful business. You can use different types of marketing, read business articles, and also study examples of other companies.

Write down a plan

Having a business plan is one of the keys to staying on track. Your work will be organized and your steps will be evident if your notes are clear for you and your staff. The plan will also show the right and wrong steps of the development of your business which will be useful in the future career. The experiences show that the business plan creates a 30 percent bigger chance to grow.


The experience shows that honesty attracts customers and blogging your personal or group stories will be taken as an advantage for your business. 81 percent of companies consider their blogs useful and important. According to, there are 600 million active blogs in 2020. One research also shows that the companies which use blogging produce about 67 percent more leads monthly than the companies which do not have blogs. Blogging will also make your working environment comfortable and interesting.