As a British Indian novelist, Salman Rushdie said, “A book is a version of the world. If you do not like it, ignore it; or offer your version in return.” Books teach us life, show us examples from it and help us in our future. They allow us to reveal other realities and ourselves in those realities. People have different jobs but there is a thing which is common in all of them - they all need books. Your occupation does not matter because you can find a book that is connected to your sphere and learn a lot from other people’s experiences. Nowadays people prefer reading blogs more than reading books. For example, the data shows that people interested in marketing do their initial research via blogs, then books. In the third, fourth, and fifth places are podcasts, online and offline courses. Here are the top 3 books which you should read if you are interested in marketing.

“This Is Marketing’’ by Seth Godin

The author argues that marketing success in today’s world comes from focusing more on the needs, values, and desires of our target audience and spamming people with our message is not so essential. Bram Vergouwen of Vergouwen Media said,  “Even though it’s a bit of a cliché — most marketers have probably read it by now — it demonstrates some important strategies and philosophies that can improve your marketing in a big way. It’s also more strategic than tactical which is something that I like. It’s also something that’s often forgotten since everything is so fast-paced these days.” Another marketer, Corey Haines stated, “Seth breaks marketing down into its most philosophical and psychological elements and then communicates it in a way that’s easy to read and understand.” Seth Godin has inspired lots of people via his courses, blogs, lectures, and books. Moreover, the book is also a bestseller all over the world. So hurry up, read the book, and improve your marketing skills.

“Thinking, Fast and Slow’’ by Daniel Kahneman

“ I don’t think it’s necessarily a marketing book, but since marketing is so psychological, it gives insight into how people react to very nuanced differences in how you present information: ad copy, succinct messaging in marketing materials and website taglines, imagery, and user experience,’’ said Ryan Klein of Market My Market. The book gives a big understanding of the work process of mind, which will help to understand marketing. The book is also read easily and you will enjoy it.

“The Artist’s Way’’ by Julia Cameron

The book is not concentrated on marketing like the other two books but it introduces the time when the lack of creativity arrives at a marketer’s life. Paul Farmer of Riverwood Cabins stated that “This book is a magic pill that’ll get all sorts of self-doubt and artistic blocks out of your head—so you’ll be spilling out marketing copy and campaign ideas by the bucket-load. It’s structured as several month-long courses and is full of exercises that’ll get your creative juices flowing.”

Remember that reading books will only have a positive impact on your life!